“When I met with Luke I was at a bit of breaking point. I had been recently diagnosed with PCOS, while navigating immense & overwhelming work/life stress. Needless to say I was becoming aware – firsthand and all at once – of the very real consequences of imbalance. My two sessions with Luke were exactly what I needed. Luke spent time and energy getting to know me and my unique situation. He had a beautifully eloquent way of explaining the science behind what I was experiencing – which was equally validating as it was motivating. He then came up with a personalised nutrition plan tailored to my specific needs. Luke gave me simple suggestions that became easy habits, and the results were clear within as little as a couple weeks. Months following my two sessions with Luke I’m a new version of myself. My mental and physical well-being have improved tenfold, and I continue to feel inspired and empowered by the insight he shared with me on gut health, hormonal health, and holistic wellbeing. Thank you Luke!!”
– Kaye, Auckland NZ

Hey, I’m Luke…


and I am here to support you on your journey to optimum health. I help people to heal, and feel their best through my evidence-based holistic approach to nutrition. I support my clients in making sustainable, beneficial changes by working with a blend of cutting-edge science and traditional wisdom.

The latest science shows that it is absolutely possible to transform our wellness through nutrition and lifestyle. We can heal disease, change our genetic expression, rewire our brains and so much more! I help my clients understand optimum nutrition by sharing what the best modern science is really saying. To get started I have a range of free resources on this website, as well as a podcast and online educational courses on important topics to help you transform your health from the inside out – and I also work individually with clients – check out more information below.

I wish you the best on your journey to wellness,

 – Luke


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The Planted Clinic.


Welcome to a holistic approach to Nutrition and Healthcare that focuses on addressing root causes through a blend of modern science and traditional wisdom – bringing the body back to its natural state of balance to support innate healing and wellbeing. 

See my packages below:


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The Wellness Package


My most popular package, offering you the support you need to make real and lasting change in your life.

What you get:

A comprehensive and immersive nutrition and wellness plan that includes holistic diet and lifestyle recommendations as well as tools and tips that will not just support you through the program but throughout the rest of your life.

We will introduce healthy habits that will support you beyond the weeks we work together and you will be provided with science-backed tools, resources and support that will help you make progress week after week.


Introductory session (60 mins) where we will go over your goals, health history, symptoms and lifestyle which will be used to develop a tailored protocol.

Follow up session (30 mins) where you will be introduced to your protocol and receive education and support in making sustainable and beneficial changes to get you working towards your goals and feeling better every week! In this session I take time to make sure you understand everything and feel confident and empowered in moving forward.

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Single Consultations


Have a specific health concern or goal in mind? While I normally recommend my Wellness Plan to get the best results, if you are just looking for some specific support, or just need some advice from a nutritionist this is for you.

What you get:

Nutrition Consultation (60 mins) where we will go over your goals, health history, symptoms and lifestyle. During the session you will receive advice and support to help you towards your goals.

Note: this doesn’t include the full detailed tailored protocol you get in The Wellness Plan.

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Follow-Up Sessions


Normally booked in 2-4 weeks after your initial sessions, I offer follow-up sessions for clients. These sessions are important to help keep you accountable and on-track with your goals. As you put changes into practise we can also work on further tweaks and optimisations to your protocol to help you feel your absolute best!

What you get:

Follow up session (30 mins)

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