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My name’s Luke, I’m a Qualified Nutritionist and I’m passionate

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Months following my two sessions with Luke I’m a new version of myself. My mental and physical well-being have improved tenfold, and I continue to feel inspired and empowered by the insight he shared with me on gut health, hormonal health, and holistic wellbeing. Thank you Luke!!
– Kaye, Auckland NZ

Luke Gabites - Plant Based Nutritionist Auckland

My name is Luke, I am a Qualified Nutritionist, Yogi, Plant Based Cook and Educator based in Auckland, NZ.


I’m passionate about helping people to feel their best through my evidence-based, holistic and individualised approach to nutrition.

I help my clients cut through the confusion and dogma around nutrition so they can make informed and confident decisions on how to fuel their bodies. 

I bring my expertise in Nutrition, Yoga and Psychology to create comprehensive and immersive nutrition and wellness plans to support optimum physical and mental health as well as creating sustainable positive habits that will last for a lifetime – giving you more healthy and happy years in your life.

Good Food Good Mood is a Masterclass in Nutrition and Mental Health – led by a Nutritionist and a Psychologist.


Learn to optimise your mental health through Nutrition and Psychology in this 4-week online course.

Luke Gabites - Plant Based Nutritionist Auckland

My Services

I offer one-on-one consultations, including targeted recommendations to support your health goals. My areas of expertise include:


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Plant Based Diets.

Plant Based Nutrition is my passion! Let me teach you how to do a Plant Based diet in an evidence-based way so you can experience all the health benefits that come with it.

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Gut Health & Food Intolerances.

A healthy microbiome is absolutely key for health. Our microbes are connected to our immune system, regulate our metabolism, balance our hormones, affect our brain health, and even can affect our genetic expression. I can support you in optimising your gut health and healing food intolerances.

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Nutrition for Mental Health.

What we eat can have a huge impact on our mental health. Learn how to eat in a way to support optimum mood as well as other evidence-based tools to support mental wellness.

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Sport & Exercise Nutrition.

As an athlete myself, with almost a decade of experience in the gym I know what it takes to optimise performance. Whether that’s building muscle, working on body composition or gaining a performance edge in sport. My recommendations are based on the latest science and can support you in reaching your goals.

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Hormonal Health.

Hormonal health is so important for our metabolism, weight, mood and so much more. Hormonal conditions are becoming more and more common but there’s so much we can do to help! I support both men and woman in optimising their hormonal health.

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Metabolic Health; Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Blood Sugar.

The food we eat can be incredibly powerful. Through our diet Diabetes can be reversed and we can lower cholesterol as much as leading medications. Let me help you return to optimal health – and give you the strategies to stay healthy and balanced for the rest of your life!

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Learn how to transform your health with plant based nutrition. My goal is to make feeling your best as accessible as possible! Check out my free educational content for easy tips and tools to support you on your journey to wellness.

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“Luke was recommended to me by a close friend a few months ago- when I met with him for our first session I was at a bit of breaking point- I had been recently diagnosed with PCOS, and had also spent the better half of a year navigating immense & overwhelming work/life stress, with symptoms that had begun to manifest their way from from my mental space into my physical body. Needless to say I was becoming aware- firsthand and all at once- of the very real consequences of imbalance.

My two sessions with Luke were exactly what I needed. Luke spent time and energy getting to know me and my unique situation. He had a beautifully eloquent way of explaining some of the science behind what I was experiencing – which was equally validating as it was motivating. He then came up with a personalised nutrition plan tailored to my specific needs. Luke gave me simple suggestions that became easy habits, and the results were clear within as little as a couple weeks. He also gave me an awesome supplement guide with some of his recommended vitamins, complete with the links for where I could buy them. 

Months following my two sessions with Luke I’m a new version of myself. My mental and physical well-being have improved tenfold, and I continue to feel inspired and empowered by the insight he shared with me on gut health, hormonal health, and holistic wellbeing. Thank you Luke!!”

– Kaye

“I got Luke to help me with nutrition consulting, his information was really good and clear and he sent me an amazing document after we talked with everything that we talked about in it and exactly the steps I needed to follow to make the changes I wanted to make. He was a really nice guy and really easy to work with. If you’re thinking about finding someone to help you out with your nutrition then I can definitely recommend him!”

– Francis

“I wanted to work with Luke as I was having some gut issues including bloating and discomfort when eating certain foods. During our first session, Luke and I discussed gut health and he explained some awesome information to me about the gut which helped me understand why I was getting bloating and discomfort from certain foods at certain times. Luke gave me lots of time to ask questions and supported me with everything I wanted to know. Luke then put together an awesome protocol for me to have with all the information we’d discussed and more and simple steps I could take to improve my gut health which is so useful to have! I really like that Luke takes an holistic and realistic approach to nutrition. He didn’t tell me to cut things from my diet, but explained easy ways I could improve my gut health and overall wellbeing, including things like mindful eating which I really liked. I recommend working with Luke if you’d like to understand gut health more and find simple ways to improve your wellbeing through nutrition and lifestyle.”

– Lucy

“Luke makes you feel like he’s your best mate, but also your doctor. He balances keeping a professional perception with personal relation, which made him extremely easy to talk to, and even easier to listen to. He has a knack for being relatable and friendly whilst showcasing his evidently top-tier competence.”

– Koa Health Co

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